We decided to keep our Monday afternoon low key in some of our comfiest attire and enjoy some deliciously bright and cheerful treats. It may seem kind of random for this time of year but it's just what we needed as a beginning-of-the-week pick me up!

Mondays really don't need to be so terribly dreaded... Perhaps this can be our New Years Resolution - to have a little more love for Mondays! It's not too late to be making some 2016 resolutions, is it?!

We compiled a list and these are our top picks which we will be holding each other accountable for:

  • Sweat daily as we all know this is almost a cure for everything!
  • Spend a little more time in the kitchen making healthy and delicious meals your body will thank you for.
  • Have a little more love for Mondays. Let's make Monday the new Friday.
  • Last but not least... the dreaded closet clean out. This month it's very important to part with the dated pieces you never wear - LET IT GO! This is also the best way to justify buying those items you've had your eye on.