It would be a complete lie if I were to say I look forward to the Fall season each year. I always have such a hard time saying goodbye to summer, despite the fact I will forever be in love with cozy knits, flannels & woolies.

I do however have a growing appreciation for all of the beauty fall has to offer - the array of vibrant shades of gold, amber, copper & crimson, the crisp lighting that invigorates the soul and the sunsets just seem to be extra special this time of the year with deep shades of pinks and purples.

A few of us MW ladies shared the most amazing day taking in all things autumn. McMillian’s surely did not disappoint with its naturally rustic farm ambiance.  We picked an abundance of the most picturesque pumpkins for the Man+Woman window display, explored the cornmaze, adored the perfectly round haystacks, fed the animals (I not so secretly wanted to kidnap the baby goats), did fireball shots in between (yes this is a staff favourite for life) and were so lucky to have Lindsey of Boketto Photography join us and snap stunning photos along the way.

As we all have a very similar sense of fashion it’s become very common to arrive wearing the same thing - sometimes even the exact same outfit. A current staff fave are the Fidelity Sola’s with blown out knees which you will see shown ontwo out of the four of us above. I am sure just about every girl working at the store owns a pair. I am also sure we all enable each other's shopping addictions too which is okay with us considering we have some well stacked closets!!


Outfit Details:

Jacket - Soia & Kyo $511
Sweater - Line $210
Jeans - Fidelity $314
Boots: Hudson $362
Watch: Daniel Wellington $340
Hat: Brixton $80

Sweater - Line $283
Jeans - Black Orchid $323
Boots - Matisse $382
Watch - Daniel Wellington $340

Sweater - John & Jenn $153
Jeans - Fidelity $270
T-Shirt - My Sunday Morning $159
Boots - Hudson $362
Watch - Daniel Wellington $340
Hat - Brixton $85
Necklace - Pyrrha

T-Shirt - Rails $127
Button Up - Rails $230
Jeans - Fidelity $270
Boots - Hudson $362
Neckaces - Pyrrha

Photography by Lindsey from Boketto Photography