As most of you often wonder - whose really the face behind Man+Woman? Meet our boss babe, the store owner and visionary - Erin Zimmer. 

The reason you probably don’t see her face very often via social media is because she hates getting her photo taken. We aren’t really sure why considering she is absolutely gorgeous! Not only is she stunning, she is the kindest person you will ever meet. Anyone who first meets her can instantly pick up on her genuine, wholehearted soul. She is sincere, gracious, generous, down to earth and she is literally one of a kind!

She always goes out of her way brightening our days with David’s Tea and Purdy’s on a daily basis. She randomly gifts us items that she knows we would appreciate on days we need a little extra love. She is wiser than her years and constantly offers valuable advice and wisdom. 

Some of you may have heard the old wives tale - a dog can pick up on a persons true character. Cooper has tested and confirmed this theory many times as he by far gets the most excited when he sees Erin! Perhaps this also has to do with her secretly feeding him her lunch? ;) 

Not only is Erin all of the above but we are lucky enough to call her a friend! 

We love you EZ <3

Amy, Sarah & The MW Girl Gang xx 


Outfit Details:

Hat: Brixton
Shirt: Rails
Jeans: Black Orchid
Boots: Matisse
Photography: Lindsay of Boketto Photography

Photography by Lindsey from Boketto Photography