It seems quite apparent summer is coming to an end in the retail world as a steady stream of Fall styles are arriving in the store and it's almost impossible to miss the mass summer sales going on everywhere.

To be completely honest, it's probably one of my favourite times to shop - with so much summer weather left and plenty of time to get good use out of some newly purchased summer goods. If you guys are anything like me - I seem to be pretty hard on my footwear, sandals in particular.

This is the perfect opportunity to purchase some new ones that you can save for next year and be just excited about, if not more. I actually didn't make it out of the shoe department after stumbling into day 1 of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It was absolute mayhem but it was 2 hours well spent considering I left with 3 great pairs of shoes.

After hitting the pavement hard seeking out your latest summer digs you could quench your thirst with my new fave, Postmark's Raspberry Ale. Local, all natural raspberry purée creates a refreshing, tart, semi sweet beer......perfect to guzzle back before heading back in to buy that leather jacket that just hit the floor.

Now that my summer goods have been successfully restocked it's time to get outside and enjoy the last of this 30 degree weather. My style is via cruiser bike with a basket full of beer, beach round and some fresh fruit from the farmers market. Enjoy friends ✌🏼

Top: my Sunday morning
Shorts: Levi's
Boots: Hudson
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Rings: Pyrrha
Towel: Tofino towel

Shirt: Groceries
Shorts: Levi's
Shoes: Clae 

Photography by Lindsey from Boketto Photography