Living in the Okanagan can really spoil a girl; we have some of Canada's finest wine right in our back yard. Naramata is literally a hop, skip & a jump away from us here in Kelowna.

This last visit we popped into Bella, which specializes in bubbly. I love bubbles as much as I love going for blowouts which is never a bad idea when heading out to enjoy a day in Wine Country by the way. Our good friends at Pomme Salon are one of our favourites to visit!

Our tasting experience was very unique and the sommelier was extremely pleasant and charming. He asked us to walk behind the counter to choose our tasting glass from the many beautiful ornate flutes and chalices. For me that small detail made this tasting a much more memorable experience.

At the end of our tasting our sommelier asked if we would like to learn how to sabre a bottle of bubbly - umm yes please!

Honestly, I would probably never try this at home as I do not trust myself with a farm ax but it was extremely cool to witness. Traditionally sabering is used in ceremonial occasions - which is perfect for me considering I am happy to celebrate absolutely everything.

We left having hands down the best tasting experience yet and some very delicious bubbly to enjoy in the evening's to come. 

Outfit Details

Top: Bella Luxx on sale for $129.99 from $177
Shorts: My Sunday Morning $234
Rings: Pyrrha & Wolf Circus 

Shoes: Clae $182

Photography by Lindsey from Boketto Photography