It's no lie that we women love to be pampered. From bubble baths to blow outs to luxurious skin and hair products and incredibly soft towels. It's all a treat that never gets old. As I approach the age of 30 I am more aware than ever of what I am putting on my skin.

I've always been a huge fan of an all natural skin care regime - I'm a long time user of the line Eminence and recently I've also been using a local skin care line out of Vancouver called Harlow which I love. I've definitely spent a good portion of my life dousing myself in Hawaiian Tropics in the sun and I feel it's only a matter of time until the sun damage catches up with me. To prevent further damage and to repair the existing damage I've been using Harlow's Sun Face Elixir religiously every night along with a daily moisturizer with SPF.  It's packed full of vitamin C & E which are not only essential for overall skin health but act as a natural antioxidant, anti inflammatory and are extremely healing and reparative.

Another product I truly cannot live without is Harlow's Eye Repair Elixir. I suffer from extremely puffy eyes in the morning along with embarrassingly dark circles and this stuff is seriously liquid gold. A little goes a long way - I pat a couple drops under each eye, have my morning espresso and voila, I'm not scared to look in the mirror. It is high in vitamin A, C & E as well as GLA and caffeine to combat those unbearably dreary morning eyes. I would also like to point out there are no filler ingredients used in any Harlow products which means everything you are applying is a pure, active ingredient.

Since we are on the topic of pampering - I’d like to mention how I have recently acquired a very refined taste in home textiles as well. This something I believe only women can understand and appreciate. Turkish towels for example - Although they seem to be hitting the scene hard, they are not only extremely stylish but are also antibacterial, highly absorbent, lightweight and easy to travel with. They are great for in your home or at the beach as they don't hold any sand. These towels shown above are actually to die for - the most luxurious of luxurious and are actually only available through special request.

Now that I have shared my current at home must haves, I am off to apply my favorite face mask and pour myself a big juicy glass of red!


Harlow Detox & Exfoliate Face Mask
Harlow Sun Face Elixir
Harlow Eye Repair Elixir
Harlow Bohemian Body Butter
Pamuk & Co. Luxury Textiles
Kobo Candle
Lovely Things Vintage Ring Holders
Pyrrha Rings

Photography by Lindsey from Boketto Photography