We are blessed with an abundance of summertime activities to choose from in the Okanagan, one of our favourites being cruiser bike riding. Why drive when you can ride your bike– it's the eco-friendly mode of transportation as well as the more enjoyable method. Most of the MW crew are the proud owners of their very own cruiser bikes and those who do not yet own one rented from our friends at New Wave Fitness, who run the coolest boutique gym in Kelowna. We began our journey downtown and rode along the historic and charming Abbott Street designated with heritage properties which are a feast for the eyes, anticipating our sweet Gewurztraminer slushies at the Hotel Eldorado.

We were sad to hear about the closure of the boardwalk dining upon arriving and opted for some comfort food in the lounge instead. Warm flatbreads and cocktails were shared amongst the group while nestled into a cozy nook of the restaurant. The Eldorado has so much character and charm dating back to the early 1900's, it's no surprise it's one of Kelownas most popular destinations.

From day drinking in the Okanagan heat to commuting home after our late night dinner, we were able to cover much ground and many patios thanks to our lovely bicycles. If you are looking to rent this summer, look no further and contact our friends at New Wave Fitness. Speaking of New Wave – don't be surprised if you see them again on our next blog post because that is after all how we get our summer bods every year!!

Big thanks to the team at Boketto Photography for capturing yet another MW adventure!

Outfit Details:

Top - Rails $193
Jeans - Black Orchid $284
Shoes - Converse $138
Watch - Daniel Wellington $340

Shirt - Neuw $55
Shorts - Zanerobe $120
Sunnies - Raen $227

Romper - Faithfull $199
Shoes - Matisse

Shirt - Chaser $77
Shorts - Obey $57
Shoes - Converse
Necklace & Bracelet - Pyrrha

Romper - Lush $79
Belt - Brave $125
Shoes - Converse $138

Bandana $20
Tank -Gentle Fawn $55
Shorts - One Teaspoon $111
Shoes - Converse $138

Dress - Faithfull $183
Shoes - Converse

Dress - Faithfull $239

Bodysuit - Lush $55
Shorts - One Teaspoon $111

Hat - Okanagan Lifestyle $44

Shirt - Kuwalla $38
Shorts - Sureshot $120