It's been an ambitious summer of checking things off the Okanagan Lifestyle Summer Adventure List thus far. Between cherry picking, pasta making, mountain climbing, vineyard hopping, Sunday brunching and enjoying a birds eye view of Kelowna compliments of Ikon Adventures, its been a summer well spent. Besides eating and drinking my way through the Okanagan, I would have to say the highlight of the challenge for me would be connecting with the loveliest business owners behind the scenes.


Jay from Bella Wines is an absolute gem who we had the pleasure of meeting last summer. He was kind enough to reopen the wine shop for us when we showed up after business hours slightly intoxicated from our afternoon of wine tasting and did so with such graciousness. I think it's safe to say we've mastered our newest party trick.

Photo: Darren Hull

Photo: Darren Hull

It was also so great connecting with Roz and Steve at the November Project. I didn't think I had it in me to drag myself out of bed at 629am to workout with these guys but trust me, I would gladly do it again any day of the week!!! I've always loved Roz's classes and her enthusiasm but after meeting Steve and partaking in their team workout, I'm pretty sure you'll seeing me every Wednesday from now on. It was a huge bonus having Darren Hull, a legend behind the lens shooting this class!!

One of the perks of dating an Italian is the abundance of authentic European dinners, so having the opportunity to learn how to make various types of pasta from scratch was such a win for me. Michael and Blake from Start Fresh were wonderful teachers who give back to the community in so many ways, it was such a pleasure spending the evening with this master chef duo. I think it's impossible to have a bad time listening to Frank Sinatra, drinking red wine and eating pasta.

A few things left on the list I am looking forward to are partaking in some goat farm yoga as well as some Moksha yoga. My body definitely needs a big detox from all this summer wine drinking despite the fact you will find me touring around the Okanagan drinking more wine this weekend. It's all about keeping things balanced, right? Be sure to check out the list on the Okanagan Lifestyle website for some awesome summer activities! 

Photography compliments of our friends at Boketto Photography