Ricco Bambino

Jason Alton, the Kelowna local - RichKidd, has channelled his creativity into his most recent project, Ricco Bambino. Every little bit of this endeavour has been carefully curated. A warm and welcoming space reminding me of the Italian, dolce vita. You immediately feel at home surrounded by luxurious touches and an abundance of greenery. He has managed to capture the simplicity and richness of the Italian culture nestled into the heart of downtown Kelowna.
For those of you who know Jason, it’s no surprise that’s there’s a bit of tongue and cheek here. Speaking of tongue, you should probably put those potato chips in your mouth - they’re amazing.
Peaked your interest? Sample your way through a small selection of organic boutique wine, available for purchase at the bar.

Mr. Alton, perhaps you were kicked out of the country club for being way too cool for school but you certainly know how to create a vibe, bring people together and send it. This is exactly what Kelowna didn’t know they needed. Hope to see you all there.

PS - I'll be stocking up on troubled child until then.

Photography by Boketto Photography
All hair by the amazing Nicole of Pomme Salon

Top: Auguste the Label
Pants: Mother
Shoes: Sol Sana

Top: Rails
Shorts: One Teaspoon
Shoes: Sol Sana

Top: Auguste the Label
Skirt: Faithfull
Shoes: Sol Sana

Dress: Amuse